The Romsey Modeller for August is published

The latest edition of the clubs magazine The Romsey Modeller is now available for download at August 2010


Build 1999 Aprilia RSV250 Part 3 by Paul Adams
Build 1/32 Airacobra by Pat Camp
Build Tamiya 1/48 M8 Greyhound part 2 by Russell Eden
Build Sukhoi SU-25 by Tony Adams
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Call for Papers – August

I will be putting together the magazine over the next week , hopefully ready to publish on Sunday. As mentioned at our July meeting, last month’s mag was a bit of a struggle due to the lack of contributions , hopefully we can do a bit better this month. It was clear that there were plenty of new models entered for the US competition and hopefully people will want to write about them, so give it a go. I don’t care how long or short the articles are , or in what form (wax tablets accepted). If you haven’t got a model to write about , how about tell us about what you have in the loft, or give us that killer tip, anything of interest would be appreciated.

Build a Model in a Day

This year’s “Build a Model in a Day” event will take place at Ampfield Village Hall on Sunday 5th September. The event is open as far as models are concerned, you can build what ever takes your fancy, adding any after market details if you see fit. The only rule is the kit must be unstarted at the beginning of the day.

We will make a start at 9 am and run to 5pm  allowing time for judging any completed kits and announcing the winners.

Along with a coveted trophy there will be £25, £15 and £10 “Just Add imagination” vouchers  for the 1st,2nd and 3rd placed entries.

As last year we ask for a £3 contribution per modeller to cover the cost of the hall hire.

We should be able to accommodate 25 modellers, we are intending to invite members of Poole Vikings, IPMS Salisbury and IPMS Portsmouth.

July Romsey Modeller

The closing date for submission for the July edition of The Romsey Modeller is Sunday 18th July. As ever I am always after contributions to the publication, no piece however small (or large) will be refused ( all legal considerations considered – of course [superemotions file=”icon_lol.gif” title=”Laughing Out Loud”])

July Club Night

The club will hold its July meeting at Ampfield Village Hall on 21st July 8pm to 10pm

The evening will feature the American Competition, as the title suggests your theme is any model that has an American connection. This competition is now held every two years, so the winner will be the champ for some time!!   The normal rules apply, any model, any genre, any scale, as long as its plastic/resin and not diecast!

Web Site Creation Ongoing

I am busy getting my head around the new website / blogging software (WordPress) , over the next few weeks you should see the web site expand to include all the content from the current site.

Please take a look around and send me any suggestions / comments

If you are looking for our current site go to