The Romsey Modeller June /July

The latest edition of the clubs magazine The Romsey Modeller is now available for download at June/ July



  • Club News
  • Wingnut Wings Junkers D1 
  • IPMS Tangmere Sector Modellers Show
  • Romsey Country Show, Broadlands          
  • IPMS Salisbury show
  • Pendon Museum Visit. 
  • Kitastrophik Kogitations – Lazy Lighting  
  • SS Jeremiah O’Brien 
  • Jackal in Hide 
  • Musée Des Blindés, Saumur 
  • Club Diary 2019

The Romsey Modeller for December 2012 is published

The latest edition of the clubs magazine The Romsey Modeller is now available for download at December 2012


  • Club News.
  • Romsey Modeller Annual Competition.
  • Dougy Wotton
  • Trumpeter 1/350 scale E-2C Hawkeye
  • Airfix 1/48 Westland Lynx HMA8 – part 1
  • Five Minute Modelling
  • Club Diary  


Figure Painting Workshop: Sunday 29th July

The guys from The Basement are coming to Ampfield Village Hall to demonstrate their figure painting techniques on Sunday July 29th. The event will be free ; all we ask is that a donation to Pat’s chosen charity which is The Marie Curie Cancer Trust,  any donations will be gratefully received no matter how small.

We have received the itinerary from Kevin, also an email saying that they are all going to donate their fuel payment to the charity that we are supporting. This is extremely generous of them as it means they are coming down from the Bath area and giving their time completely free of charge, and we hope we can repay their kindness by making sure that plenty of us attend the day.


09:00 – 10:00 The boys from TB arrive and set up

10:15 – Members to arrive/meet and greet

10:30 – 11:15 Introduction into Acrylics painting …….Kev Peart (Nap on The Basement)

11:30 – 12:15 Introduction to Oil painting …Jim Evans (Jimbo on The Basement)

12:30 – 13:15 Sculpting with Rob Lane (Elanlane on The Basement)

13:15 – 14:00 Using MDP Products -with Martyn Dorey ( War Griffon on The Basement)

14:00 – 14:30 Break for lunch if wanted

14:30-17:30 Club members model with TB members on hand if needed

17:30 – Thank you and farewells

Those attending should bring their own paints and brushes etc, a figure to paint, or selection of figures, these ideally should be 1/35th or larger, and a lamp if they require one.

The basement guys will have a selection of busts for sale if anyone wishes to buy them, they can be viewed on their website.

For lunch we suggests is that participants bring something to share as we do for the xmas meeting.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, a chance to learn from guys who are masters of their art and who, having spent a weekend with them last year, are also good company.

So come along and support them, the club, the charity and learn how to paint figures, I guarantee you will learn something that will improve your modelling.

The Romsey Modeller for March 2012

The latest edition of the clubs magazine The Romsey Modeller is now available for download at March 2012


  • Club News.
  • Jim Baumann’s Visit
  • Photo’s of the February Club Evening.
  • On Track Model Show 5 th February 2012 by Nigel Robins.
  • On the Workbench. Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2. 1/72 Airfix By Pat Camp.
  • Games Workshop Leman Russ Tank – part 3 by Russell Eden.
  • HMS Hood 1943/44 by Nigel Robins.
  • Hasegawa 1/48 Royal Navy Phantom FGR1 – Part 2 BY Gray Sharpling.
  • From the Archive – It’s a Jungle Out There By Gary Jarman.
  • Wot I dun this munf by Steve Edwards.

The Romsey Modeller for February 2012

The latest edition of the clubs magazine The Romsey Modeller is now available for download at February 2012

  • Club News.
  • Taking some time out…. by Paul Adams.
  • Project Airfix Epilogue by Richard Stewart
  • Airfix Spitfire Mk1 1/72 by Tony Adams.
  • Model Shows.
  • 1/48 Tamiya Tiger I by Tony Adams.
  • From the Archive.
  • The London Engineering Exhibition by Steve Edwards.
  • On the Workbench. Spitfire Mk.XII – Part 1. 1/48 Airfix. By Pat Camp.
  • Wot I dun this munf by Steve Edwards.
  • New releases.
  • A Naval Fleet of match sticks : email from Carlton Thurston.
  • Club Diary.

January’s Club Meeting

Our next club meeting will take place on Wednesday 19th January at the Ampfield Village Hall from 8:00pm. The meeting will include our annual photo evening which will be a chance for us to take some good photos of our annual competition entries, which should allow us to upload a large number of new models onto the website for viewing. So, please remember to bring along your competition entry or, if you didn’t enter anything, your latest completed model. Don’t be shy, everything is welcome!!

The Romsey Modeller for January 2012

The latest edition of the clubs magazine The Romsey Modeller is now available for download at January 2012

  • Club News by Paul Adams.
  • Annual Competition.
  • 2001 Honda NSR250 by Paul Adams.
  • Wot I dun this munf by Steve Edwards.
  • Build &Convert Airfix Military Models, author Tom Cole – by Nigel Robins.
  • Airfix 1/72nd Sea Harrier FRS1 by Tony Adams.
  • Hasegawa 1/48   Royal Navy Phantom FGR1  –  Part 1     by Gray Sharpling.
  • The Clean-Up Trio (part 2) by Pat Camp.
  • Games Workshop Leman Russ Tank – Part 2 by Russell Eden.
  • Club Diary.

Romsey Modellers visit Airfix

Romsey Modellers at Airfix HQAs it now the end of a long day this is a very quick update on our fantastic day at Airfix. This will be updated over the next few days to tell you the story of the day and what we learnt about this brilliant company.

Here are a few photos to be going on with.


Photo of Romsey Modellers trip to Airfix HQ