97 FORD F-150 XLT

Revell 1:25 97 Ford F-150 XLT Pickup With Modifications and Customised Paint Scheme by Nick Burden



The starting point of this build was the engine, and the first job was to strip the Chromed parts back to the plastic using the Oven Cleaner Trick. The engine went together quite well apart from the instructions showing that the Starter Motor should be glued to the front of the engine where the belts go. In fact it should go on the right side where the Engine Block bolts to the Gear Box.

f1502The engine was primed using Halfords Grey Primer, and then sprayed Tamiya XF4 Zinc Chromate, the rocker covers Tamiya X13 Metallic Blue and the Upper Intake Manifold Tamiya X31 Titanium Gold. The oil Filter was dipped into Matt White and the rest of the Engine painted as per the colours in the instructions.




The chassis was built as Revell intended and was one of the more straightforward parts of the build. This I sprayed  with Halfords Red Primer and top coated with Tamiya X-6 Orange and then sealed with Humbrol Satin Varnish.



The interior tub was assembled as per f1504instructions and primed this time with Halfords White Primer and given a Chocolate and Cream colour scheme using Humbrol 103 Cream and Tamiya XF-51 Khaki Drab. Using Clear Decal Sheet I printed off the Jolly Roger flags for the front seat head rests but found that the Microsol tended to wash out the ink.

f1505My first major modification was to remove the heater controls from the dash board and install a Pratt Nav by cutting the aperture with the saw. This was duly plugged with a square of Plastic card and the dash

re shaped using Green Stuff Putty and Liquid Cement, f1506sanding with Fine Wet and Dry Paper. The dash was painted in the Chocolate and Cream colour scheme, and the Pratt Nav screen was painted Tamiya XF-22 RLM Grey.


Next came the turn of the roof interior. Pictures show this to be stepped and not flush, so it was out with the plastic card and filler once more. So in went the stepped roof and overhead storage compartment.

After painting this in the f1508interior colour scheme of Chocolate and Cream the interior was complete.





First up was to whip out the modelling saw again f1509and separate the front grill from the bumper as this comes as a one piece moulding. Then using the Oven Cleaner trick as before the Chrome coating was removed from the Front, Rear Bumper and the Wheels. These pieces were primed with Halfords White Primer and finished in Tamiya X-31 Titanium Gold.


The rear body was straight forward as there are only 3 pieces making it up and was assembled as per the instructions. The body parts were primed using the old faithful Halfords Grey Primer and top coated with Tamiya X-13 Metallic Blue, this being a gloss paint I therefore opted to apply the Decals straight onto the colour, then sealed with Tamiya X-22 Clear.

Once all was well and truly dry the components were assembled. The rear body joined the chassis at several points creating a secure fixing, but the front body only attaches to the chassis at four locations and looks a little fragile. The front grill and bumpers went on with no problem. Alas the chromed parts for the mirrors were the wrong shape for the mirror housing but fortunately were also oversize, thus allowing me to file them down to the correct shape, and fit into the mirror housing. There are no Clear Parts for the door panels.



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