Build a Model in a Day 2010

September 5th 2010

12 members of Romsey Modellers met today at 9 am with the ambition of “building a model in a day” and what a day it turned out to be! After expelling blood sweat and tears, 10 models reached the judging table at 4.30 pm. The quality of the finished models was very impressive seeing the amount of time available. Russell Eden’s superb Krupp Truck was quite rightly judged 1st place.

More to follow…




The Results 

Entry No Entrant Model Title 1st’s(3 pts) 2nd’s(2 pts) 3rd’s(1 pts Total points Placing
 1 Steve Edwards Stephenson’s Rocket     I 1 8th
 2 Russell Eden Krupp Protze Truck IIIII II   19 1st
 3 Malcolm Grant F111   I II 4 6th
 4 Natascha Baylor Ork Warbuggy I II IIII 11 3rd
 5 Will Booth P51B        
 6 Dale Koppi US Fletcher Destroyer I   II 5 5th
 7 Caitlin Adams SpitfireMK19   I I 3 7th
 8 Tony Adams Eurofighter Typhoon IIII III   18 2nd
 9 Paul Guppy F15A        
 10 Roger Doswell P51B I I   5 5th
 11 Caitlin Adams Homer Simpson        
 12 Martin Hale ME163A I I I 6 Comm


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