December 2011

The Romsey Modeller : December 2011

Publish date 18th December 2011

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The Romsey Modeller

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Club News by Paul Adams.

Scale Model World 2011 November 12th-13th by Paul Adams.

Scale Model World 2011 (IPMS Nationals)
– A traders perspective  by Nigel Robins.

Tamiya  1/35  T-55A  –  Part 2     BY Gray Sharpling.

Polish Special Forces by Karol Wicinski

Wot I dun this munf by Steve Edwards.

2007 Kawasaki ZXRR – Part 6 by Paul Adams.

Homemade Vac Former By Richard Stewart

The Clean-Up Trio by Pat Camp.

Games Workshop Leman Russ Tank – part 1 by Russell Eden.

Why I build what I build     by Gray Sharpling.

Club Diary

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